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Hi, thanks for stopping by. My name is Roland. I welcome questions - just remember that you must be at least 18. 

I'm a volunteer. So please be patient with me. I'm working as fast as I can. 

This is my 24/7 self help resource center.  Many people have benefited tremendously from my resources without ever having talked to me.  Have you ever read a good book and then read more from the same author?  The books were there for you, helped you or entertained you, and became a big part of your life. Yet you probably never personally talked to the author. 

Sooooooo, take advantage of my lectures to listen to, articles to read, books to preview and my meditations. You don't have to talk to me to benefit from my resources. Then, after having learned some things from me by listening and reading, you may discover that you found the answer to your question among the resources.

Listener Call in Line: 510-455-8851

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