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by Roland Trujillo 

  Are you stressed out? Do you feel drained? Do you feel burned out? Are lifeís pressures upsetting you, keeping you awake at night, causing your stomach to churn?

   Do you say things like: ďI feel stressed. I feel drained. I feel burned out. Memories keep haunting me. I wake up at night and worry. My stomach is churning. I canít cope. I yell at my kids. I get irritated over little things.Ē

   If you say things like this, it means you are very likely over-reacting.

   Youíve heard it before: itís not so much what happens to you that hurts you but how you react to it. Trouble is, most of us donít know how not to over-react.

   Basically we react, we get upset, and we experience stress symptoms. And once we start over-reacting, we donít know how to stop over-reacting.

   The more we react, the more sensitive we become until we start reacting over every little thing. Either that, or we become insensitive and shut down.

   Remember how you used to be? Once upon a time, you were able to take things reasonably and in stride. Although things happened that you didnít like, and people were sometimes mean or confusing, you could cope. You had hope for the future, dreams of things you wanted to accomplish, and were confident that you could deal with what life threw your way.

   But as the years went by, you began to lose your joie de vivre, your verve and your optimism.
Life, for many of us, started to become a drag. Many of us began to dread going to work or facing our childís school teacher. We dreaded another round of treatments, another mailbox full of bills, or another argument with our spouse.

   We might have started to become irritable, snapping at our kids and loved ones. At work or out in the world, we encountered unfairness, meanness or arrogance. We became upset and said nothing. But then we came home and took it out on our familyóthe very ones we should have been kindest to. Instead of protecting them from the craziness out there, it started to get to us and we brought the craziness home and inflicted it and our pain on our loved ones. The very ones who were the most innocent.

   If any of this describes you, then you must realize that your sensitivity, negativity, and loss of control have to do with over-reacting. By over-reacting you make things into a stress. And when it becomes a stress, a predicable series of bodily changes occur as your body reacts to the stress (you created).

   In order to recover your poise and positive state of mind, you must re-find your own calm center of dignity from which you can flow.

   I am a life coach and Christian mentor. I know that we are more than just flesh and bones. We have a soul. And when our soul begins to flounder, through resentment and loss of faith, the world begins to impinge on us. And when it does, we react just like an animal. We become reactive and then we begin to feel anxious, uneasy and guilty about our slavish reactions, emotions and growing animalistic hungers.

   We want to regain calmness and kindness. We want to be a good mom, dad, husband, wife or neighbor. We donít want to be impatient. But we donít know how to stop reacting.

   That is where I can help. A simple meditation teaches you how to sit still and re-find your calm center of dignity. And when you calm down, reason can be brought to bear. And when you soul is once again close to the Creator, its powers are restored. It gains the power to stand back without being upset, and the power to express grace and love for each moment. The stabilized soul is able to face what once would have upset it, now with calmness. Instead of resentment and anger, now compassion. Instead of fear, now a sense of self confidence.

   Sound too good to be true? I say that you can learn to calm down and begin to have more dignity in life. Your health care provider can help you with physical issues. You can learn to eat better and exercise properly. You can get the clutter out of your life, and learn to stop spending too much. These are all good. But donít neglect the spiritual side of life.

I can help you learn to calm down and get in touch with your God-given intuition through a simple meditation.


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