Roland on Relationships



Introduction.. 9

What is the Number One Cause of Divorce?. 17

My Husband and I Argue All the Time. 25

How to Forgive and Forget 37

My Wife Cheated on Me - Now What?. 41

Are There No More Good Men Left?. 49

A Mother’s Lament – My Son Does Not Listen to Me  55

Why Do I Feel Tired and Drained at Work and Around People?  61

True Love. 65

My In-laws are Ruining My Relationship.. 73

Sex and Marriage – The Shocking Truth Revealed by a Counselor  81

Why Do I Get Upset all the Time? Could Resentment be the Culprit?  87

I Cheated on My Wife Should I Tell Her?. 93

Guilt for Resenting Their Parents is Often a Factor in Why Kids Turn to Alcohol and Drugs  97

The Best Parenting Advice for Parents of Toddlers and Teens  101

There is Little Love in the World.. 107

Just How Important Is Dad?. 115

Marriage Advice For Men – Why You Should Not Be Unfaithful and What To Do if You Have Cheated   121

The Magic of Giving with No Strings Attached.. 131

Homework Issues – How to Insure Your Child’s Success  135

Finding the Best Marriage Advice – Trust Your Instincts  141

The Strong Family – Eight Lessons in Faithfulness and Duty  151

Staying Calm in Times of Trouble and Economic Downturn   157

Healing Relationships by Letting Go of Anger. 163

Bear Each Other's Burdens. 169

My Wife Asked Me to Leave – Should I?. 181

Free at Last 191

Finding Your True Identity. 199

Living Life with Love. 207

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