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Why Another Spiritual Counseling Program?

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by Roland Trujillo

    Many sincere people love religion. They want to live lovingly, but something is blocking them from loving their wife or husband. Something blocks them from being patient with their children. Something blocks them from forgiving their parents.
   And try as they might, they still make wrong decisions, worry about the future & generally struggle with family, health, & financial problems.
   Roland believes that what is standing in their way is not quite knowing how to translate what they know into what they do.
   For example, most wives want to love their husband, but when their love only makes him worse, they can’t stop resenting him.
   Their resentment blocks love and makes them feel guilty about themselves. Because the false love they then give is out of resentment and guilt, others may reject it.
   Many parents want their children to be good, but nagging the children makes them worse.
   Roland believes that often one fundamental insight could free us to express wisdom and stop worrying.
   Many husbands have trouble communicating with their wife, but no matter how hard they try, communication remains bad.
   Again, a fundamental insight, deeply realized, could clean up the husband’s lack of understanding and open up communication.
   Over and over again, Roland has seen some basic misunderstanding or just plain resentment stand in the way of progress.
   Roland has a gift for shedding light on problems and quickly pinpointing the error that blocks progress. That’s why he is so helpful, both on the air and on the phone. He helps people develop insight into the causes of their problems, and that insight often leads to giving up resentment and becoming unstuck.
   Roland also notes that certain types of persons would love to respond to the beautiful truths of Christianity, but in the past have been pressured with religion and now tend to react with knee-jerk resentment or hostility to anything Christian. These negative emotions block such people from realizing and accepting the very truths that would help them solve their problems.
   With an edge of resentment toward the religion they think failed them, they might find a banal surety in skepticism, humanism, or they might deny spirituality or even become Atheists.
   Others who are searching people at heart go to the ends of the earth looking for truth, perhaps becoming entangled in strange practices or caught up New Age or in strange cults.
   For these people, Roland has a way of talking about religion without sounding preachy. He explains things simply and without pressure, so that the listener remains free to accept or not accept without pressure or obligation.
   That is also why Roland has generally preferred to share his insights on the air. He is friendly and forthright, but without pressure. He has no organization to belong to. He wants people to be free—even of him. Radio is the ideal medium to share his message: it is both impersonal and intimate. Sometimes it is good for us to just sit and thoughtfully listen, and because there is no need to pretend or to do something, the listener remains free to listen without having any undue pressure. Sometimes all that is needed for a person to make a major breakthrough is a little insight and a corresponding shift in attitude. In fact, the listener is often on the road toward spiritual recovery as soon as the listener takes to heart a key insight. For the person who appreciates the message and begins to meditate, there is the added bonus of the articles, books, and newsletter to gain insights from.   
   Roland has spent over 15 years studying the effects of stress. Roland knows that when we are reacting to stress and when we are lost in the squirrel cage of thinking, it’s hard to be natural and calm. That is why Roland emphasizes that listeners try his Judeo Christian stress reduction meditation. It helps us to get out of negative thinking and negative emotions, so that we are free to realize and understand.
   Make no mistake about it: Roland offers no feel good message or placebo. His message is more like tough love. But for those who want the truth and are willing to face the truth about themselves—Roland can help.