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Why we are Addicted to Pleasure

by Roland Trujillo 

   Most of us are walking around in various levels of hypnosis. Anything that shocks us or upsets us has the power to throw us into a mild hypnotic trance. There we feel more secure, apart from the Light. There we cohabit with images in our imagination. Whatever intimidates us in reality throws us into the imagination. There we can imagine ourselves powerful or great. In our imagination we triumph, but in reality we fail.

   Those people who upset you now—who make your heart pound and your tongue to become tied—are like the ones who first upset you long ago. Now, though they may not be like your tyrannical mom, teacher, or schoolyard bully of the past—they resemble in some way that person. Your body reacts and your mind begins to lose awareness. You become subject to them, do their bidding, and escape from seeing your failing by escaping into imagination, drugs, alcohol, pills, or their approval.

   In order to recover, we must come back the way we fell. First, meditate for neutrality and distance. The proper application of the meditation exercise restores you to the True Inner Authority. In the Light of this Authority, you will then go out into the world and encounter people like those of your past. But now, you will no longer be a little child and now you will have the Truth of the Light in which you now walk. Encountering the person who resembles the one from your past, you will notice emotion rising. Whatever the emotion is—just stand back and watch it. Though your body is still reacting due to the conditioning, your soul (consciousness) will be able to watch from the neutral zone. Careful not to resent the person who resembles the one from the past who upsets you. Don’t hate them. They may not be like the person from the past. They may simply resemble that person in some superficiality.

   By watching your own reactions and not adding new ones, you will be able to observe old reactions out of existence. With time, the old reactions will disappear. Now, knowing not to resent or judge, you will be free to respond from what it is given to realize from within.

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