Meditation for Pain Management

Roland Trujillo introduces his new meditation for pain.

"Hello, people. My name is Roland. After all these years of writing books, answering questions by email and on the radio, and hundreds of articles and blog posts, I have finally created a meditation for pain.

I've been wanting to make a meditation for pain for a long time. It's been in my mind, but I have been waiting for someone to request it.

I have gone ahead to make this new meditation. Many people are coping with pain and will be interested in a meditation made with them in mind.”

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Pain is a big issue these days. There are reasons. One reason is simply that environmental and spiritual conditions have made things worse for people now. Due to the toxic environment and due to the food we eat and the drugs we are given, our bodies have grown less resilient.

We have been enervated and we are fatigued. Our bodies are also having to cope with toxins from the environment.

More issues are becoming chronic. More people have major issues like asthma, diabetes, cancer, lupus, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or injuries from the wars.

We are not working close to the earth as people once did. Today we live in plastic environments, and we are being drained.

Everything I have said about the physical environment applies even more to the spiritual environment we are facing. Kids grow up in dysfunctional families, attend dysfunctional schools and are exposed to very bad influences. Many parents are decent and doing the best they can, but they themselves are trying to cope with issues.

Many people have come from a scary unsafe environment, have been robbed, mugged, raped, or emotionally or physically abused. This makes it hard to not be disappointed with people and can cause them to doubt goodness.

Thus many people have been demoralized.

The other thing is that today we are immersed in raw knowledge like never before. Schools, libraries, the internet, colleges, experts, agencies, and non profit groups all offer huge amounts of information. If you have some personal issue, you can find thousands of websites and groups all offering information.

On the surface, this sounds like a good thing. Knowledge can indeed be helpful. But it must also include understanding. Raw knowledge alone is heartless and lop sided.

First we need love, understanding, and wisdom. But we can’t count on finding understanding out in the world. We must find it within. But we don’t know how. Through our emotional reactions, we have somehow become separated from our inner ground of good where understanding could be found.

Now, let us consider our bodies. When your body has pain, it is the body's way of crying out to tell you that something is wrong. You've heard the expression that we need to listen to our body.

But we don't know how to listen. We tend to get impatient with our body and try to force it to get well. When the technological and pharmacological methods don't make the pain go away, we quickly demand pain relief. We want the pain dulled or masked. We want to be unaware of the pain.

But with something being wrong, it does not go away. It keeps coming back. And when what is wrong remains, our condition become chronic.

Then we make our biggest mistake. We resent the pain. The resentment adds another layer of psychic distress to the pain. The problem with resentment is that it is loveless. It has no love and understanding in it. Resentment is the opposite of what your body needs, which is patience and love.

Remember when you were a child and you went to someone for love and understanding and instead they were impatient with you? Remember how it felt. Well, that’s how your body feels when it needs understanding and patience, and instead you are resentful and impatient toward it.

Here is a secret. Resentment cuts you off from love. Resentment cuts you off from your ground of being from which flows love and understanding. Another facet of love and understanding is patience. When a person has love, they have endless patience.

Now do you see why resenting yourself, your body, or someone else makes you feel anxious? You have cut yourself off from the source of patience. And from your ultimate source of security.

Now do you see why resenting your illness, your condition, your body or yourself cuts you off from the spiritual wellspring from which could come the insight, the resolution, the repair and the relief that you wish?

If you see what I have just said, and you see the need to let go of resentment, the next step is to be willing to let go of it.

You also need some help in learning how to deal with the presence of pain or the intrusive memories (which house the pain). You need to learn the simple technique of calm detached objectivity - of observing them - while standing back mentally. This can be easily done when you are grounded in the present and not immersed in feelings, imagination or memories of the past. The meditation for pain management will teach you how to do this.

Later you will be able to use the same simple technique to revisit traumatic memories, without resenting them or trying to deal with them, such that the light in the present will help resolve them.

Meditation, as it is taught here, is not some strange esoteric practice. It is the essence of simplicity. It is actually our natural state of consciousness. In fact, this state of consciousness is what you once had as a little child, before you lost it when you became upset.

Some of you may have heard of mindfulness meditation, which actually talks about the now present. This is good, but being in the present, as good as that is, also must include a way of getting in touch with your ground of being.

Some of you have heard about EMDR, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, which helps people deal with traumatic memories.

Such things as EMDR, tapping, feedback, and mindfulness meditations have part of the puzzle. Sometimes, without even knowing how, the person is accidentally tripped into the objective aware state, and it is this objective state that is responsible for the resolution of troubling thoughts and feelings.

The meditation which I offer is simply more focused and powerful because I also understand the underlying metaphysics involved, and so I speak directly to you, the real you, in a simple way that tends to bring your awareness back to the present. There you make contact with your own inner ground of good, and then you can transfer your rapport to it. There you also have access to the inner light. You have always had this inner ground, but you lost touch with it when you became emotionalized and resentful. Then you tended to get lost in the imagination.

Enough words. If you can relate to what I have been saying, then perhaps it would be good to simply get the meditation and start using it. It tends to be marvelously self resolving, and you will learn by doing.

Dr. Trujillo has developed special meditations adapted to the needs of the user.

He began with a basic meditation, and has added special meditations for
• anger management
• stress and PTSD
• the 5 minute meditation stress fix

Because of the problem of pain and pain management affecting many people today, Roland has made a new complementary meditation to assist people who have pain issues.

"People can get into a world of hurt," says Roland, "when the worry, fear, anxiety, chronic unhappiness, and emotion based relationship issues are compounded by an overlay of pain."

"It is hard enough to manage the other issues, but pain tends to suck up all one's attention and energy, and it definitely exacerbates any other negative emotions one has been dealing with.

Pain, in fact, comes to represent, symbolize and becomes the totem of issues. Then a person tends to resent and struggle with the pain - which reinforces the other negatives and also drains energy. How a person responds to his or her pain is, therefore, very important.

Our meditations have a very spiritual component to them. Becoming centered and standing back from negative thoughts and negative emotions has helped people calm down, handle issues with more patience, and rediscover their spiritual roots.

Many people would be open to the idea of God if given the space to find out for themselves about such things without pressure, and if they knew where to look for Him. God does not reside in imagination, in study, or in thinking. God is in reality, and connecting with Him has to be in reality. Reality is in now in the present and discovered in awareness--not in imagination, study or thinking.

The nice thing about the meditation is that when you practice it, you become free to discover spiritual insights on your own without pressure from others.

In essence, getting out of imagination and thought will make a person fully aware. And when you are fully aware, you can see more clearly. You make fewer mistakes, have more understanding about yourself, and are able to realize creative positive solutions.

Being fully aware will then include full awareness of the pain. This is the opposite of what most people have been striving for. The tendency is to want to escape awareness through distraction or other awareness lowering and symptom relief modalities.

However, escaping from awareness means also escaping from the power of awareness which resides in the present.

Most people do not know how to be aware of their problems without becoming upset by what they see. But if you could learn to calmly observe any issue with awareness, it might very well begin to resolve itself. In the process, you would also gain insight into the cause of the issue.

The power of patience, the power of forgiveness, the power of spiritual renewal are in the present when we come closer to our ground of being.

Take any image, like a pink elephant, for example. Stand back mentally and try to hold onto the image while staring at it. You cannot. Standing back and glaring at it causes it to dissolve.

Something similar but far more profound happens when we observe any issue or problem confronting us without struggling with it, resenting it, or adding any emotion. Calm observation tends to resolve and dissolve, as long as we do not resent it or become emotional (angry or fearful).

Another thing: God created the earth, and since our body is of the earth, it is the earth which sustains and nurtures our physical being. Call it mother nature or Mother Earth, if you like. The repairing and restorative power of Mother Earth is blocked by resentment and resentful resistance.

Our resentment of our pain, anger toward our illness, or resentment toward our body has a negative effect that blocks the natural restorative and regenerative good that would surely be beneficial to our situation.

In short--becoming centered, calming down, getting out of negative thoughts, and facing our pain and other issues without resentment will help you discover and eliminate any road blocks, such as suppressed anger or resentment, that interfere with natural restoration.

In fact, your good doctor and his or her treatments are often interfered with by your worry, fear, and resentment. Calming down and getting centered will make you a better patient.

I do not want to replace whatever help you are getting now, be it medical, psychiatric, therapy, or spiritual care giving. My meditations are complementary, just like going for a walk, listening to calming music, or praying are complementary."

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