The Classic 4 Part Meditation Exercise

Our special meditation may be just what you need to help you cope with stress, let go of negative emotions, and find confidence moving forward to a happy and purpose filled future.

We all know that we are supposed to be reasonable, forgiving, and patient. But it is hard to do so when under pressure.

Religious faith traditions, philosophy, psychology, and even old fashioned folk wisdom often point out the benefits of not getting angry, acting prudently, and loving each other by practicing principles of patience and forgiveness.

But when under stress, we become upset or angry. We then often say the wrong thing or feel the wrong thing (resentment).

When we keep failing to apply the principles we have learned, we become frustrated and angry at ourselves. But all this does is add another layer of upset.

We all know we are supposed to be calm, more forgiving, and patient. But we don't know how.

At the Center for Common Sense Counseling, we teach the "how" of remaining patient and more forgiving.

When you are not upset, you regain mental clarity, make fewer mistakes, and begin seeing creative solutions to your issues. Knowing that you can cope removes the fear factor and permits you to start living positively and enjoying better relations with your loved ones.

By learning the simple technique of how to remain centered and calm, you are pre-armed with mindfulness. It is anger and upset that wash away patience and reason. In other words, you can learn how to hang onto your patience by not becoming upset in the first place.

Learn the secret of staying calm in the face of stress today. You've tried solving your issues the hard way. Now how about trying the effortless way.

Listen free to Part 1, the introduction to stress free living.

Get the complete 4 part meditation on CD, along with the 19-page Meditation Booklet and 2 free bonus eBooks on CD for a suggested donation of $20.

Look at all you get:

The 4 Part Meditation CD provides training and ample practice in meditating. Roland guides you through the basics and then shows you how to apply the benefits of meditation to solving a variety of issues.

Part 1 – Introduction to Stress Free Living

Part 2 - Becoming Mindful and Solving Problems

Part 3 – Secrets to Self Control and Finding Renewed Confidence

Part 4 – Becoming Spontaneous and Living with Joy

The Meditation Exercise Booklet

A Brief Introduction to Stress Management (in eBook format) - Click here to look inside

Becoming a Friend of God – Finding Peace of Mind and Courage in an Age of Anxiety (in eBook format)- Click here to look inside

Learn the secret of staying calm in the face of stress today. You've tried solving your issues the hard way. Now how about trying the effortless way.

For a suggested donation of $20, get all four parts of the Meditation on CD, the Meditation Booklet, and two bonus eBooks on CD, sent to you by mail via USPS. Just click on the Donate button to make a donation at safe and secure Paypal.

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