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What Is Salvation, Part One: How Salvation Begins

You may be closer to salvation than you think. Join Roland in this special Easter episode.

Don't Resent Your Parents--Even If They Were Rotten

Roland talks about the invisible line between right and wrong. There are forbidden acts, and one of the most harmful to our well being is resenting our parents. Forgive your parents, recover wholeness and move forward with confidence.

Understanding Trauma and Violation--How to Refind Freedom and Peace of Mind

The solution to violation and trauma is in a return to what you know in your heart. The power to say no to temptation and to recover from our afflictions is in a return to the inner light of truth. Roland will show you how. Peace of mind and joy lie just on the other side of an encounter with conscience.

Discover the Power of Awareness

Roland discusses how to live mindfully and find your spiritual roots. Roland also discusses meditation and why mindfulness meditation must include God.

How to Apologize and Clear the Air

Forgiving those who wronged you. Letting go of resentment. How to get right with God. How to apologize to those who you wronged. Avoiding common mistakes. Why clear the air. Why you should not ask another to forgive you when you apologize.

How to Forgive and Forget

Many people are stuck in the past and can't grow because of unforgiveness. Roland discusses the role of resentment in trauma. He offers practical tips on how to forgive, how to speak up and how to successfully confront bullies from the past.

Finding God

Many people have asked Roland about how to find God. They want to be close to God but don't know how. They pray and it seems their prayers are not heard. Some think God has abandoned them. Not so, says Roland. He's closer than you think. Roland talks about how to find God and how to know He is there.

Understanding Food Issues and How to Overcome Them

Roland discusses how food issues affect the whole human race. How it all began in the Garden of Eden and why food, sex, knowledge, and relationship issues are all interconnected, and how to rise above your fallen condition.
So whether you have food issues or simply wonder why marriages start with happiness and descend into arguing, fasten your seat belts and get ready to listen to this lecture.
Roland also introduces his book Forbidden Food: the Legacy of Paradise Lost and the Promise of Redemption. Learn more about the history of food and the human race and preview the book free.

Part 2: Why We Have Food Issues

Hidden hunger, emptiness, and food issues. How to recover from food problems.

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