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What the World Needs

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by Roland Trujillo


   Today we have so much information. The internet can be a fantastic tool to find bargains, get information or do research. Iím glad it is there (it permits me to have a website where I can freely share articles and downloads with people).

   It is not a lack of information that we suffer from. It is from a lack of understanding. Of course, it has always been the case that some people had common sense and some didnít. Some authorities had understanding and some didnít. And because people lacked wisdom and understanding, they erred and suffered. In fact the whole world has always suffered for a lack of understanding.

    Even worse, the key, the secret way to the fount of understanding, has been hidden from the people. The secret way is the way of objectivity, of finding the Inner Light of Truth and relating to it. It is the way of repentance, because it is impossible to come in contact with the Light of Truth and stay in that Light without repentance.

   Christ spoke harshly to the Pharisees of the day. He told them: You know the way, but you keep it from the people and instead burden them with laws and traditions. 

   A man like Christ was full of love and understanding. When people heard Him, His words and His Presence awakened them to the Light in themselves. Some hated it. Others loved it and learned to relate to God within.

   Even today, many of us are touched by the presence of the innocence of a little child. The childís innocence awakens us to the good within ourselves. But many of us, when we are guilty for being prideful and wrong, resent the innocence of the child because the Light awakens us to see our own wrong.  We harden our hearts against truth, and become a cruel authority, confusing the child and trying to make it think it is wrong. If we can succeed in putting out the Light in the child, then we feel comfortable. You see, the wrong person hates the Light and takes it out on the person in whom the Light shines. All because we do not want to soften our hearts and be sorry.

   Because we are wrongóprideful and in conflict with God for playing Godówe prefer shallow talk and emotions. We can hide behind a mask and revel in emotions. For the wrong person, Truth is like a wet blanket, and we resent it for spoiling our fun.

   Prideful people hiding from the Light of Truth is nothing new. What is different today is this: we are taught that we can solve our problems through knowledge and knowledge manipulation. We think we can study our way to God, to happiness and to success. We think we can solve our collective problems with scientific knowledge or social science knowledge.

   When we fall for this false beliefóthat we can learn our way to happiness--we spend all our time looking in the wrong places for answers and we force our kids to study and become externalized. We put on a pedestal professors and experts, when in fact they are the most lacking in understanding of all, because they have sold their soul for knowledge.

   Where do our experts lead us? To confusion, to amorality, and to individual and collective harm. The list of horrors is growing daily. All because people have turned their backs on understanding.

      What we need is understanding. And understanding is immediately available to the soul who is willing to question the way it is going, and who is willing to relate to God given intuition.

   Knowledge is not a bad thing. I am not against knowledge. I am for knowledge. But it must be knowledge with understanding. When you have understanding, you can then use knowledge properly. Knowledge must flow from understanding. Otherwise you have only dead knowledge.

   The blind leaders of the blind teach us to look to external experts, external books, and other sources for answers.

   Those who have been taught to disdain conscience, to ignore or doubt intuition, and to look to external authorities are lost. How can they lead you to what they doubt or donít even believe in?

   First seek understanding. Seek to do the right thing and acknowledge that you donít even know what the right thing is. When you do, you will mysteriously be in the presence of Truth. The windows of your soul will open and you will realize. And one of your first realizations is that you donít know. And by knowing that you donít know, you will already surpass in wisdom the learned experts who think they know (but really donít).

   If you donít know how to get in touch with your intuition from God, let me help you. The meditation that we teach at the center for commonsense counseling will permit you to be still in the Light of Truth and realize that God is God and you are not God.