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Liberation Through Love: Part 2

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by Roland Trujillo

    Imagine a plant that underwent a big traumatic change due to the sunlight being withdrawn from it. The plant might become adapted to darkness, to living like a fungus or mushroom on the life of others. The plant would be changed down to every miniscule part of its cells. Thereafter it would be dependent on those from whom it could steal life.

   Can you now see the purpose of cruelty? A cruel parent, babysitter, teacher, or other authority tempts the child to become upset and to hate. Separated from its inner roots, the child becomes adapted to the cruel one. Now the child changes, and the changed thing needs the cruel one to whom it is adapted and now dependent.

   In order to find eternal life, we must be reborn through a big change—a reverse trauma, if you will.

   It would restore us to how Adam and Eve were before they fell. We could then live out our lives in innocence and purity awaiting translation into the kind of person in the kind of body that can live forever, sustained by the eternal love and truth of the Creator.   

    It cannot be anything we make happen ourselves, nor can it be something that another makes happen. It must be done by God directly, inwardly, silently and secretly.

   I often shudder with aversion when I hear people talk about some man-made experience (a service, seminar, or meeting they attended) and they say “it changed my life.” All it did was make them dependent on whoever or whatever provided the sham experience for them. Nothing has really changed other than they transferred their allegiance to a new hypnotic leader, his words, and his reinforcing rituals.

   There is no question that we must be changed. But we must be remolded from within (“Paul said: “be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”) by the secret workings of God. We are already externalized, and any outer response is just adding another layer of externalization. 

   We must be changed from what we are to a new creature, dependent on the Creator. When every molecule of our being is changed and transformed, we will be able to live forever, sustained entirely by the Creator.

   It begins when we hear the truth and have a change of heart. The Truth received gives us a change of mind. We see our wrongs and instead of being in agreement with them or defending them, we are sorry. We realize that conscience is our friend, the inner perception of error by the soul that now welcomes God’s help and is willing to be guided by Him.

   The soul’s attending to wordless intuition changes our consciousness and establishes an inner rapport with Truth from the Creator, our parent Spirit. No longer hypnotically caught up with external direction, our motivations and actions are changed.   

   As we faithfully do the little proper meditation, we are reminded to be patient with others and to be honest with them. As a result, our attentiveness and obedience to inner guidance extends the action of Light into our mind, nerves, muscles and actions. As we express the truth and are patient with people, we begin to become made of the substance of good. Our dependence on the Creator grows, and mysteriously we are changed, without any effort on our part.  We are influenced by the good, instead of being influenced by the bad. We affect others instead of their affecting us. We now stand for the invisible good, making it evident to others by our witness and by our patient bearing of the persecution that is sure to come. Thus we bear witness to Truth by our adherence to principle and being honest, and we evidence love by our patience and forbearance.

   As a result of our new allegiance and new way of living, we begin to mysteriously change, not of our own effort, but by the grace of God.

   We come to be as Adam and Eve were before they fell. But because of Christ and what He did, we can also go on to even discover greater marvels and spiritual riches. “Eye has not seen nor ear heard what God has prepared for those who love Him.”

   Humans are created in the image and likeness of the Creator. Physically and when we are young, we do vaguely resemble our Heavenly Father. But as we get older, we begin to resemble others we have interacted with. We begin by resembling the personality of a parent, mate, or leader we extol, we go on to resemble those we hate, and eventually in our judgments and deceitfulness we start to resemble the devil.

   Just as the life of the blood courses through our veins, so the life of our spiritual source operates through our soul. Because we are born subject to the world and its authorities, we begin to take in the life of pride and the life of the world.

   Pride and the kind of emotions and excitements and delusions that support it flow through us and our mind. We respond angrily, resentfully and excitedly to the teases and challenges of the world. And as we respond, we are obeying the worldly order. Slowly we are altered—mind, body and soul—adapted to the hellish order of pride. And then our life is one of loves and hates, passions and sufferings, which lead to death.

   The worldly sort of life is the one of yearning and lusting for greatness. The soul that yearns to be great like God, will soon begin to wish with all its heart for something that will give it power, goodness, riches, or popularity. It yearns and seeks those kinds of experiences that will bring it the glory it craves. Early in life the pattern of our worldly growth is fashioned by the kind of temptation that we fall to. And it has something to do with the sort of attitude we have. Most of us fall to wanting to be popular. Most of us have been teased and we want revenge upon the types that teased us. The revenge takes one or both of two courses: harming the kind of person who teased us, or compensating to prove something to them or give them their come uppance.

   The more powerless and humiliated we feel, the more we crave power over others: the power to control them.

   In the world of imagination where evil confers with the soul, we have daydreams of love and hate, worship and violence. For some of us, the power we crave power comes through cleverness, pretense, or having money. Others seek it through violence. 

   The unfortunate part is that we rarely turn on the cruel ones who intimidated us. We continue to be dominated by their types. Instead we take out our anger on those weaker than us. The woman who has been abused by men may abuse her son because he reminds her of men. The person who was put down for being slow in gym class may become a coach who himself pressures and “challenges” his students.

   And so our soul is tempted to sell itself down the river in order to get what it wants. The tried and true path is finding authorities that promise power and popularity through looks, education, and promotion. We serve these authorities well in the hope of getting what they promised us.

   We advance in the ranks of the tempted to the extent that we are good at playing the game. In crude terms, the entire world is like a multi level marketing scheme.  

   Wanting something, we find someone who promises it. We sit at their heels and do what they say. We then advance to be able to tempt others in the same way we were tempted. For the most part, those who rise to the top are the most ambitious, the most ruthless, but also the weakest in terms of resistance to temptation.

   Some make the grade. The devil rewards them for their service. And these few go on to become the shills and tempters.  Most of us never make the grade. Most parents and  authorities are petty dictators--wanna be’s who never made the grade, who tease, boss around, taunt, challenge and practice cruelty on children, students, or the naive who they can dominate.  For the most part, teachers, professors, coaches, bureaucrats and entertainers are the tempted who learned how to turn the tables on others and tempt them for power.

   We give power to those over us as long as we want what they have to offer. Most of us are guilty and sheepish about copping out and selling out. So we want lies. We want others to pretend they do not see our wrong. We want others to support us and see us in a good light. In other words, what we want most are lies. And as long as we want the lies, we give them the power to lie to us. And we remain subject to them.

   We became a part of a giant conspiracy against the truth.

   We become a part of the masses of millions of people, all of whom hate the system but yet are subject to it because of that they want from it. They hate the system but they do not love Truth.

   Few have the love to speak up. And for the young people who dare speak up, there are prisons, psychoactive drugs, and the tanks at Tiananmen Square.

   We give our attention and our allegiance to those who promise what will make our prideful hearts’ dreams come true. They become our hypnotists and we believe and follow them. In exchange for the lies they feed us, they demand our life and our loyalty.

   We either serve God or we serve Satan. And as long as we have any goal of our own, something we want, or something that is too important to us—we are not only open to temptation, but we are vulnerable and sensitive to it.

   Temptation has power over us to the extent that we want something from it. It is our own illicit desires that lead us into trouble.

   But furthermore, when we serve the world for what we still want from it, we become a part of a body of cells that serve the head evil. As you know, every body has a unique identity, and each cell bears the signature of that body. For example, after transplant surgery, the immune system is able to recognize the foreign tissue and tries to reject it.

   And so, when you are enlisted into the worldly system you bear its mark upon you. Something of it gets into you.

   To see how the world gets inside of us, let’s look at a simple example. Take worry, for instance.

   When we worry, we are faithless and we have made something too important. Worry always involves our ego thinking it must do something and then faithlessly struggling to find a way out of the mess it got itself into.  

   All who sin are slaves, says the Good Book. When we are faithless, we become a slave of worry. When we are seeking to hide something we don’t want to admit, we are forced to deal with it apart from the Light and so we fret and worry. In the latter case, we also worry about being found out—not being able to prevent the truth coming to Light.

   That is why we must learn to have faith. We must find the way of being aware of things without becoming anxious or fretful. Only when we find the inner way to God through trusting in wordless intuition and remaining dispassionate, distant and unmoved by outer appeals, intrigues, and irritations will we be able to go through life without the outside getting in.

   Can you see how worry is sin because it is taking something in, in order to dwell upon it and pine for an answer to save our ego? Worry is selfish and self-serving.  By taking in the stress and problem, and  by dwelling upon it morbidly, we give it power. We make it too important. Remember Christ’s words. He told us not to take thought about tomorrow.  

   Until we find a rapport with the positive inner Authority, we will remain sensitive to and reactive to outer stresses. The ego feels it must deal with everything on its own, and so it takes everything in and struggles with it until it has to give in or let others deal with it (which only makes things worse).  

   Most of us deal with something we don’t want to face or can’t cope with by pushing it under the carpet, procrastinating, and distracting ourselves. We pretend not to see it, and for awhile this works. But sooner or later, that which we were hiding from comes back to haunt us.

   When we dwell upon something with upset, anxiety, and with trying to think, plan, scheme our way out, the agony of taking to thought and worry makes the problem unbearable. Unfortunately it also gives the problem more power over us—even to torment us in our mind—because when we worry in a faithless selfish way, we are sinning.

   Of course some people deny they have a problem, or they find a way to blame others or dump the burden on another.

   We must learn to take up our cross and take back the burdens and blame we had put on others. We must take responsibility, be aware of our problem without anxiety, and wait for God to help us deal with it.

   When you don’t blame others. When you honestly inquire as to why you are in this predicament, and when you wait patiently upon the Lord, you are actually putting the responsibility upon Him. He then gives you the courage, the strength, the wisdom to deal with the problem, or else he provides an answer whereby it takes care of itself.

   Can you see how a disinterested unemotional love toward our fellow human beings liberates us from taking on their problems or even their nature?

   Remember what Christ said: Judge not, lest ye be judged. When our patience and disinterested neutrality toward others fails, we fall to judge them. But when we judge them, we come under the judgment we had placed on them. A person can be so guilty for judging or hating another that he takes upon him that person’s life.

   Now is the time to begin to stand back from your involvements with temptation. Otherwise you will be destined to do unto others what was done to you. There is no escape from this curse other than a change of heart. See the need for forgiveness, see the need for neutrality—begin to practice the proper meditation so that you will have the clarity and presence of mind to discover what else is needed.

   Some of us try to not be cruel like those that hurt us, so we serve, cater, never correct, and try to be nice to everyone. But can’t you see that this sort of false love actually creates the tyrants that become like the ones that were cruel to you? False love creates and sustains evil just as much as overt violent cruelty does.

   Meditate for neutrality. Stand back and observe. No longer hate the victimizers. No longer feel sorry for the victims with false love. Remain neutral, detached, and learn to observe error without reacting to it. 

   By remaining neutral and patient, you will be free to be a conduit for the good. You will be able to express the good that comes from within from God. 

   By not hating others, you are free to express only the good. You will no longer hurt others and no longer will be hurt by them. You will become increasing dependent on the Creator and His sustaining love. And you will become less dependent on others. By not needing them, you will be free to be honest with them. And your kind honesty will free them from enlisting you into servicing and supporting the wrong in them.

   The love from God may come through you.  This love is patient and not needy or clinging. It frees people to see the truth, and gives them the space to freely and voluntarily choose the good if they are so inclined.